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The Eastern Region Workforce Innovation Network works with businesses of all sizes to help them recruit and train employees, develop long-range business plans and connect to resources to help a business improve the quality of its workforce.

WIN is committed to both current business and ones that plan to relocate to the region.  This website has an online recruiting and screening tool for large-scale relocations or expansion.  Through our JobLink Career Centers we can do a variety of skills assessments for your potential employees to assist you in hiring the best qualified employees. Businesses might also qualify for various programs such as Incumbent Worker Grants and On-the-Job Training Grants.

To find out more about how WIN can help your business, contact your local JobLink Career Center. 

Visit our Tools & Resources page to see some of our innovative online tools for businesses.

The Eastern Region Wokforce Innovations Network is a Collaborative Project of the following Economic and Workforce Development Organizations:

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