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I've been hearing about the training programs that will lead to future employment for the aerospace industry. How can I get more information?
Lenoir Community College (LCC) has an informational website  which will inform potential attendees about future training opportunities in aerospace manufacturing. LCC will inform attendees about the upcoming technical training from the College designed to prepare students for careers in aircraft manufacturing, service, and repair. Recent examples of aerospace industry growth include Spirit AeroSystems’ decision to locate a new composites manufacturing facility at the North Carolina Global TransPark, and continued growth of aerospace manufacturing and repair with existing employers such as FRC East at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, AAR and Mountain Air Cargo.

What type of training will this program provide and how long does the class last?
The training program is conducted by Lenoir Community College at the Spirit Composite Center of Excellence Training Center in Kinston, NC.  These classes are designed to enhance employment with aerospace companies such as Spirit Aerosystems, FRC East at the Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point, AAR and Mountain Air Cargo. Qualified students attend a program that will position the graduates for aerospace jobs in composites, assembly and fabrication. Students will attend a 120 hour Aerospace Readiness Manufacturing Readiness Program which will position the graduates for aerospace jobs. Classes will be offered from 9 a.m. to 12 noon or from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays for 13 weeks. The students will be taught Composite Fabrication Methods, Composite Trim and Drill Procedures, Assembly Processes and Operations, Safety, Blueprint Reading, Math and Measuring.  Potential applicants must have three or more years of industrial manufacturing experience and should have the North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate or be willing to complete it before the end of the class. This combination of career readiness tools will be given at the LCC JobLink Center and surrounding area community colleges and JobLink Centers.  See http://www.crcnc.org/ for additional info on the North Carolina Career Readiness Certificate.  If you have already completed the CRC requirement, please indicate on the on-line assessment instrument. 

You MUST have a valid drivers licence to pass the initial screening for the training program.

How can I apply for training?
To be considered for training, interested individuals should apply online at by clicking here.  On this website, applicants will find information on the application process. Successful completion of the online questionnaire will allow the applicant to be considered for future training opportunities. Applicants without computer access can go to any JobLink Career Center, ESC Office, Community College or Public Library and use a computer there.

If you do not successfully complete this phase, you will be directed to other workforce development resources, including JobLink Career Centers that can help you prepare for this and other training.

What does it cost?
At the present time, the North Carolina Community College System will be providing this training free of charge in support of workforce development of the aerospace industry

Are there scholarships available?
Since the cost is paid for by the Community College System, there are no scholarships necessary. However, if you need help regarding support services such as child care, public transportation, etc., Workforce Investment Act (WIA) programs sponsored by the local Workforce Development Boards may be able to provide assistance in these areas for eligible students. You may inquire at any JobLink Career Center or ESC office at www.easternregionwin.org.

Am I guaranteed a job?
Generally speaking in industry, no one is ever guaranteed a job, but successful graduates are prepared to work in a number of fields within the aviation community in companies such as Spirit Aerosystems, or for any of several employers in the local area, or even elsewhere in the aviation industry throughout the United States.

What is the starting pay at aerospace manufacturing companies?
Companies could offer selected new graduates starting entry-level salaries of $9-12 per hour with a competitive benefit package.

Selection Process
During normal business hours call the Kinston Department of Workforce Solutions (ESC) office at 252-526-4435 and ask to speak to the Manager, ask if you qualified to get into the Lenoir Community College Aerospace Manufacturing Readiness Class.  Qualified applicants do not have to pay for this class. Qualified applicants will then be notified by Lenoir Community College to set up the class schedule.

At that time, you'll begin working with Lenoir Community College to get enrolled in the training program and begin training for your new career in the aviation industry.
Those that don't pass this first phase are advised to visit their closest JobLink Career Center for additional training and educational resources or visit our website for the Continuing Education Aerospace Training Program at http://aerospace.lenoircc.edu/Aerospace/coned.htm.

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You MUST have a valid drivers licence to pass the initial screening for the training program.



September 25, 2021

Lenoir Community College is seeking people to enter an extensive training program that could result in employment at future production facilities in Kinston and surrounding areas.

Thanks for your interest in the LCC Aerospace Manufacturing Training Program.